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...we added Internet Display Ads and increased ad rates 15%. We lost no advertisers.
Jeff McDonoughThe Jamestown Press
We sent out notices to our advertisers and the only feedback we received back was positive. 3% of print ad cost with a minimum of $1.
Billy FlemingEarly County News
Two years ago we were going to do a 3% general price increase but decided on a 7% increase using the display ads. We consider the decision a success and have received no complaints from our advertisers."
Cody SossamonThe Gaffney Ledger was scary to hand off a big chunk of that work to another company, but Our Hometown came through with flying colors. My stock & trade is the content that I produce. Our Hometown's paywall protects that content. Our Hometown knows the small newspaper business inside & out; they understand the issues & concerns publishers have....
Up-selling the ads was a no-brainer
Gareth CharterThe Landmark
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