AA at The Sedalia Democrat

The Sedalia Democrat is one of the first publications to use our Audio Articles feature on a third-party platform! Although we do not host or maintain their website, we're able to transcribe their most important news stories into narrated Audio Articles using an RSS feed before sending them to BuzzSprout to be published and distributed!

  • Select Articles published on The Sedalia Democrat are transferred to our platform using an RSS feed, where they are transcribed into audio files.
  • These Audio Articles are sent to BuzzSprout, where they are published as Podcast episode and distributed to all of the major podcast directories!
  • The Sedalia Democrat has their podcast player embedded on the homepage just underneath the latest PDF E-Edition -- a high visibility location!

Check out their Podcast!

We've embedded the Sedalia Democrat's podcast player on this page so that you can listen to a few of their latest stories!

The podcast player is generated by BuzzSprout, but you can also find the latest episodes within your favorite Podcast Directory.


  • Automatically create a podcast for your readers!
  • Create episodes from selected articles on your website!
  • Uploads each episode to your BuzzSprout account automatically!
  • Distributes your podcast across all major platforms!

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