Creating an ad group

About Ad Groups

Whenever you add a new type of display advertisement, you should create a new ad group.

Our recommended type groups are based on size & format of the ad itself.

Ads fall in a few main categories, which you can set up ad groups for:

  • Leaderboard (786x90px)
  • Skyscraper (160x600px)
  • Half-page (300x600px)
  • Medium Rectangle (300x250px)
  • Tile
  •  Island ad

For example, you have a skyscraper banner ad but no skyscraper ad group, follow the following steps to create a "skyscraper" ad group.

Step 1.

Login to your website via the "login" button at the top of the homepage.

From there, on your "Site Settings" menu, navigate to Advertising > Add & Edit Ad Groups.

Step 2.

Click "create group".

Here you'll enter the group name (e.g. "Skyscraper" in the "Group Name" field.

Then enter a brief description of the ad group in the "Description" field. 

For example, "Skyscraper ads for right column" let's you know what & where the ad group is for.

Step 3. (Optional)

Setting an ad group weight is optional.

If you want a certain ad group to show higher up a list than others, you can set a weight.

The higher the weight, the higher the group is listed. The default weight is "0"

If all ad groups are set to the same weight, they are sorted alphabetically.

Step 4.

Click the "Create Group" button.