Add Advertiser Profile

Step 1.

Login to your site.

Through the "Site Settings" menu, navigate to "Advertising > Add Advertiser". 

Step 2.

Type the advertiser's name into the "Advertiser Name" field, below the address fields.

Scroll down to the "Ad Categories" drop down.

Step 3.

Set the appropriate category for the advertiser. 

You can add an advertiser category if you need to in "Display Ad Categories". 

Optionally, fill in any of the other fields you have information for, such as:

  • Physical address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Description
  • etc.

The "Additional Information" tab also has more fields, such as their Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Step 4. (Optional)


You can add a thumbnail image that will appear will appear on the general information box of the advertiser page.

It can be their logo, a product, or any other image that is appropriate.

Step 5.

Use the "Advertise Profile" yes/no button towards the bottom of the page to show or hide the business profiles for your readers.

The "Feature profile" yes/no button will enable you to push specific advertisers to the top of the advertiser list page.

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

This advertiser is now available to use for adding a new print ad.