Creating a Print Ad

These instructions are for adding individual print ads. We also have options for an automated ad feed or for ad extraction via your PDF.

If you cannot find a section, you may need a permission or configuration setup by the Our Hometown team.

Step 1.

Login to the website via the login button at the top of the site.

Navigate to "Advertising > Add print display ad" via the "Site Settings" menu.

Step 2.

Begin typing the advertiser's name in the "Advertiser" field. 

Your advertiser should be auto-suggested.

If it is not, you will need to create an Advertiser Profile before you can continue creating this advertisement.

If your advertiser is already in the system, click on their name.

Step 3. (Optional)

Enter a URL and/or Email address for the ad.

Step 4.

Ste "Ad Filter Categories" to "ALL".

Set "Ad Categories" to the appropriate ad category.

This will affect which Marketplace page the ads appears on.

Click "Save"

If you want to learn how to place your ad on a page, click here.