Viewing banner / tile ad traffic statistics/metrics

Step. 1

Login to your account & navigate to "Advertising > Edit banner or tile ads"

Step. 2

From this screen, you'll see a list of all your banner & tile ads.

To get ad statistics for an individual ad, click on the ad title. 

Step. 3

Once you click on your add, you'll see the following information:

-Your ad image

-What your ad links to

-Whether your ad is active, disabled or expired.

-Statistics for various time periods

Step. 4 (optional)


If you need ad statistics for a specific time period, you'll want to navigate to the "reports" tab from the main banner/tile ads screen.

Here you can set start and end dates and export a .csv of ad data.

While you can't pick a specific ad for the report, you will receive information on each individual ad. you can choose to export data for a specific ad group.

You can also choose to export data for a specific ad group, instead of just all tile & banner ads.