How To Upgrade to WordPress

So you’ve heard about Our Hometown’s new WordPress Platform for newspaper publishing.

We recently published the list of features available to customers who switch to WordPress, check them out here.

Many of our customers have already switched to WordPress and their beautiful sites speak for themselves. Please check out some of our favorites here.

All we require from you is some basic information and a one-time setup fee of $1000 per site (only $500 for current customers until the end of 2018), and our team of WordPress experts will handle the rest.

It’s easy to upgrade, just follow these three steps:

Step 1:  Fill Out Upgrade Form

Filling out the Upgrade Form expedites the process of setting up your prototype by gathering all the information we need from you up front.

You’ll need to answer some basic questions about your website, as well as provide some information like DNS login credentials and a payment gateway account.  Don’t worry, you can pause and resume the form at any time to gather the information we need.

We’ll use your answers to build an initial prototype, which you’ll be able to make changes on.

Step 2:  Complete Basic Training

We’ve complied a series of videos that demonstrate the essential functions of your new WordPress site.

Once you have your prototype, you should login and begin to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and customize tool.

The best way to learn is to watch the videos in combination with going to the website and trying to upload content or change the styling.  You’ll quickly realize what you do not know how to do.

Check the Knowledgebase to see if there’s an article that addresses your issue.

You can always contact our operations team with questions at or 315-294-6932.

Step 3:  Promote and Launch New Website

Once we have scheduled a go live date, you should immediately begin promoting the new website to readers and advertisers.

The new site will be a huge improvement from a user perspective and could justify a pricing increase on subscriptions.

Similarly, increase the rates on digital advertisers, or upsell them on the many new ad opportunities available on WordPress.

Once you give us final approval on the design, we will schedule the site to launch as soon as possible.

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