Using a Metered Paywall to Collect E-mail Leads

Using a Metered Paywall to Collect E-mail Leads

A Metered Paywall is a great tool for generating paid subscriptions, as it allows potential customers to view a certain number of stories each month and get a preview of what your site has to offer before committing to a paid membership. But did you know that the Metered Paywall can also be used effectively to collect e-mail leads for marketing other products and features, even if your publication does not utilize a traditional pay-to-read model online?

If your articles are available to read for free online without an account, consider setting up a “Paywall” that simply requires the user to create a FREE account to access them instead. This way your content is still available free of charge, but readers will need to create an account – which, of course, also means giving you their e-mail address and contact information. Subscribers are automatically added to a mailing list in the Newsletter plugin as well, allowing you to easily target readers with e-mail newsletters highlighting breaking news, promoting community events, and more.

While the need to create an account can be viewed as a turn-off for some readers, the inconvenience is minimized when used in unison with the Metered Paywall. Using these two tools together allows readers a set number of articles each month without needing to create an account. Once they come to trust and enjoy your online content, most will have no problem signing up for a free account.

Learn more about setting up a Metered Paywall with Free Memberships in our Knowledgebase.

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