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The Best Templates & Features
Overwhelmed by features & layouts? We focus on the best for beautiful, engaging online publications.

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Import XML Article Feeds

Use a system with XML article feeds? We can setup a connection to easily import your stories & images to your website on a set schedule.

Prepress Functionality

Create & collect all your content in one place & easily export an entire edition's articles & photos for layout in Adobe InDesign.

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Completely Customizable Paywall
Expand your paid subscriber base & generate new sources of revenue for a premium-online experience.

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Responsive Designs for All Devices
Mobile news consumption continues to increase & we have the responsive designs you need.

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Integrated Directory System

Start with a business directory, add an event calendar, classifieds or any customized listing type you can think of.

Device-Friendly, Interactive eEdition
Our eEditions look great on all devices plus ties into the HTML counterparts of your content.

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Email to Article Draft

Adding an article into our system can be as easy as clicking "send" on an email.

"Email to Post" allows approved reporters & contributors to add articles to the system for editorial review by simply emailing them in.

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24/7 Dedicated Support

24/7 support for any & all issues. Call or reference our easy-to-follow online documentation.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say…

...we added Internet Display Ads and increased ad rates 15%. We lost no advertisers.
Jeff McDonoughThe Jamestown Press
We sent out notices to our advertisers and the only feedback we received back was positive. 3% of print ad cost with a minimum of $1.
Billy FlemingEarly County News
Two years ago we were going to do a 3% general price increase but decided on a 7% increase using the display ads. We consider the decision a success and have received no complaints from our advertisers."
Cody SossamonThe Gaffney Ledger was scary to hand off a big chunk of that work to another company, but Our Hometown came through with flying colors. My stock & trade is the content that I produce. Our Hometown's paywall protects that content. Our Hometown knows the small newspaper business inside & out; they understand the issues & concerns publishers have....
Up-selling the ads was a no-brainer
Gareth CharterThe Landmark
We added 5% to our regular annual 2% increase

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Features & Services

Our Hometown

The Competition

Prepress CMS Compose and edit content in WordPress CMS. Export articles, images, categories, and editions via XML for import into InDesign. Hot backup of database offsite. Proprietary CMS priced at a point only available to dailies.
Little focus on feature development.
Requires servers on site.
New Feature Development Engineering Installs, Modifies, and Updates Proprietary & 3rd Party Plugins to match publisher specifications Slow development time because everything must be custom coded
Hosting and Support Amazon Web Services cloud hosting for up to 100,000 page views per month included.
24/7 technical support.
Expensive on-site servers with downloaded software
Fees Fixed monthly cost for unlimited users Charge per seat
Contract 30 day termination period Multi-year obligations
Usability and Training Our custom-developed WordPress themes are intuitive to use, easy to adjust & include expert training + online documentation. Clunky interface.
Difficult to learn.

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