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Digital Paywall

Customizable by article limit, timeframe & more! Single day or single issue access also available!

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Unlimited Web Ad Options

Featured advertisers, business directories, up-selling print ads, IAB web ad units, and detailed analytics!

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Newsletter Sponsorships

Run banner ads in the header and footer of newsletters that automatically pull news content from your site!

Business Directories

Use the WordPress "GeoDirectory" plugin to customize the look and functionality of the business directory

Bulk Print Ad Upload

Upload all your PDF ads to the website for extra exposure. Ads automatically create a profile in the business directory.

Featured Advertiser Profiles
Paid Classifieds & Announcements

Easily create forms for "Featured Events" in calendar. Sell print and online classified ads, 24/7

Real Estate and Professional Listings
The GeoDirectory plugin's applications are limited to your imagination.
WordPress Website Development
Help local businesses and organizations setup and manage their online presence on our WordPress platform.


We have had very few incidents where we have had to contact Our-Hometown. When we did our issues were addressed immediately with a positive outcome.
Our Hometown customer service is excellent. When there is an issue, it is resolved promptly. They have helped subscribers who have encountered problems, which are usually issues involving the subscriber's device rather than an Our Hometown problem.
Our Hometown has responded to many issues we have run into. From helping us understand how to use a section of the site better, to fixing things as they come up. Just yesterday I was having a connectivity issue when trying to upload files to the Our Hometown server. Even though the issue was on my end, they helped me pinpoint that as the issue to get it corrected moving forward. And they responded very fast!
Kristen WeaverWilson County News
Everybody on the Our Hometown support team goes above and beyond for each of our many issues.
Our Hometown representatives are quick to resolve problems and they address issues effectively.

Features & Services

Our Hometown

The Competition

Prepress CMSCompose and edit content in WordPress CMS. Export articles, images, categories, and editions via XML for import into InDesign. Hot backup of database offsite.Proprietary CMS priced at a point only available to dailies.
Little focus on feature development.
Requires servers on site.
New Feature DevelopmentEngineering Installs, Modifies, and Updates Proprietary & 3rd Party Plugins to match publisher specificationsSlow development time because everything must be custom coded
Hosting and SupportAmazon Web Services cloud hosting for up to 100,000 page views per month included.
24/7 technical support.
Expensive on-site servers with downloaded software
FeesFixed monthly cost for unlimited usersCharge per seat
Contract30 day termination periodMulti-year obligations
Usability and TrainingOur custom-developed WordPress themes are intuitive to use, easy to adjust & include expert training + online documentation.Clunky interface.
Difficult to learn.
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