PDF to HTML ConversionSave Hours & Dollars with PDF to HTML Conversion

Send Us Your PDF

You can send us the same PDF that you send to the printer without any modifications.

We Convert PDF to HTML

Our technicians are available 24/7 to process your paper within one-hour of you sending it to our FTP server.

All Content Published to WordPress

Every article, image, caption, and ad from the print edition is published on Our Hometown's WordPress platform.  Easily monetize content with our built-in paywall solution.

All Ads Are Indexed

Ads are entered into your site's advertiser index individually, including advertiser name, website link & other info.

We Quality Check & Publication is Scheduled

We thoroughly check each issue to ensure no errors, & then your issue to scheduled to publish, at a day & time chosen by you.

You're Published & Subscribers are Notified!

When a new issue goes live, a newsletter is sent to your subscriber mailing list, informing them of the latest update, and linking to your site & articles. You can also share via social media.

Our Hometown has developed proprietary PDF extraction software to import the ads, articles, & other content from your PDFs.

We use the same files you send to the printer - gone are the days of copying & pasting articles to publish online.

Once we receive your files, our production technicians convert your entire issue to HTML -- articles, photos & ads. Then we optimize your content for the web.

Finally, we update your completely customized site with your newest edition at the time you choose.

ASAP? Midnight? 3:00PM? The time we update your site is up to you.

So sit back, relax, & let Our Hometown's PDF extraction technology do the rest.


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Responsive Web Advertising

Multiple options for local advertisers, plus a business directory, profiles & a complete metrics system.

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Customizable Paywall Options

Expand your paid subscriber base & generate new sources of revenue for a premium-online experience.

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See what our clients think…

We have had very few incidents where we have had to contact Our-Hometown. When we did our issues were addressed immediately with a positive outcome.
Our Hometown customer service is excellent. When there is an issue, it is resolved promptly. They have helped subscribers who have encountered problems, which are usually issues involving the subscriber's device rather than an Our Hometown problem.
Our Hometown has responded to many issues we have run into. From helping us understand how to use a section of the site better, to fixing things as they come up. Just yesterday I was having a connectivity issue when trying to upload files to the Our Hometown server. Even though the issue was on my end, they helped me pinpoint that as the issue to get it corrected moving forward. And they responded very fast!
Kristen WeaverWilson County News
Everybody on the Our Hometown support team goes above and beyond for each of our many issues.
Our Hometown representatives are quick to resolve problems and they address issues effectively.
Our new website has gotten a lot of positive feedback. We are picking up more online subs because of it. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf and your support team is just the best!
Sharron HarrauThe Jewish Advocate
I publish a weekly newspaper in southern Austin County. Some of my readers were getting delayed deliveries to their home through USPS so I needed a way to keep their readership by delivering online paid subscriptions.Our Hometown offered different levels of websites and tweaked my new site to fit my needs. What I really like is that I’ve been with them for several years and my monthly rate has stayed the same. All I have to do is upload my pages each week to an ftp site and by Thursday morning early, the new material is on my website and my readers are happy.Customer service is awesome. I can reach them through email or call if needed and they are quick to respond.I highly recommend this company for helping to grow your readership and for building needed revenue through online advertising.
Joanie Griffin, Owner/PublisherWallis News
All we have to do is upload our page pdfs and pdfs for inserts (our grocery store, drug store and hardware store inserts are on the site). Revenue from our web ads, online subscriptions and 5% upsell on print ads made the sites profitable within six months or so.
Allan Burke, PublisherEmmons County Record
Stories can be edited and published online either immediately or on a schedule. The edited story can then be exported right into InDesign for our print product,” explains Meg Norris, publisher of a group of weekly newspapers in Nassau County, New York. “It was intuitive for our graphic artists to learn and we build the website at the same time as we build the newspaper, without hiring additional staff.
Meg Norris, PublisherGCNews
After various attempts at websites, we went with our-hometown.com in 2013. Our websites (for two weeklies) have paywalls and e-commerce features. People can subscribe, renew subscriptions and place and pay for classifieds ads. All of our display ads appear on the site for the time they run in the paper, and display classifieds for housing and employment have special links as do our classifieds.
Allan Burke, PublisherEmmons County Record
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