Website Launch Process

Our Hometown Web Publishing is The Last Newspaper CMS & Website You’ll Ever Need. We help you generate revenue, engage with readers, and increase efficiency with Our Hometown’s Digital & PrePress CMS features to fit your needs & budget.

  1. Create your custom prototype

Using a recent PDF edition, we’ll build the foundation of your new website using your own content.

  1. Choose your features and services

Through consultation with our sales and support team, you’ll get hands-on time with each aspect of the Our-Hometown platform to decide which elements will be the most useful for your publication.

  1. Select a design

We offer a wide range of design styles and templates that can be used out-of-the-box or modified to better fit your publication’s style. You can select from styles currently in use listed here, or submit a mock-up PDF that our production team will adapt to our platform.

  1. Complete the Setup Form

After signing, we’ll provide you with a setup form that includes each element of the website we’ll need before launching. Key items include; DNS access, subscriber lists, subscription pricing, archives, and your categories. From this point, most launches can be completed within 2 – 4 weeks.

  1. Pre-Launch meeting

We’ll schedule regular pre-launch meetings with your team to ensure you can find the elements of the setup form you need and to schedule training ahead of launch.

  1. Training

Our-Hometown offers unlimited training on every element of the site for your full team. We’ll provide you with a link to easily schedule training sessions at your convenience.

  1. Import Archives

We suggest sending archives within one week of launching to ensure the gap in content is as small as possible. Once we receive your HTML and/or PDF archives, our engineers will ensure that they are formatted correctly and begin the process of importing them into the prototype. In the time after archives are sent, your team should begin uploading any new stories to the prototype as well. This will both familiarize them with the platform and keep your new site up to date before launching.

  1. Schedule Site Launch

Once we have every crucial element, we’ll coordinate with your team and our engineers to set a launch date. We recommend launching in-between publications to prevent any disruptions during a time when more readers will be checking your site.

  1. Launch

Site launches are typically completed within 2–6 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the website. Throughout the process, our engineers will be in contact to update you on what stage the launch is at and when your team can begin updating content.

  1. Post-Launch

Within 1-2 weeks of launch, our sales and support teams will schedule a post-launch meeting with you to address any issues and collect your feedback on the launch and setup process.

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