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Earlier this year, we released our first wave of iOS and Android Apps and received positive reviews. Now live for several months, our engineers have used feedback and data collected from our initial release to introduce a number of significant updates. While the core function of synchronizing your website's content and delivering it to a subscriber on the app remains unchanged, these new updates improve the mobile experience for both the end user and the publisher.

Features List


New!Push Notifications to alert users when new articles are available in any categories they've selected!

New!Full Screen Images takes advantage of your mobile phone's high-resolution screen to display photos and images at full width!

New!Customizable Text and Background Colors allow you to personalize your app for any color scheme!

New!Improved Social Sharing allows articles to be shared easily across social media!

New!PDF Viewer for displaying PDF E-Edition (Print Editions) to readers!

New!Google Analytics Integration allows you to easily monitor application usage and trends!

New!Print Display Ads click through directly to the advertiser's website for added value!

New!Customize Ad Interval to choose how to spread out your ads between articles!

Integration with Memberpress for full subscriber functionality, including login using existing subscriber credentials.

Paywall Support means your paid content is protected, showing only a preview to guests before asking them to login or subscribe.

Web Ads and Print Display Ads from the website automatically rotate throughout the app.

Published Articles on the website automatically populate in the app.

Two Pricing Options

Our iOS and Android App 2.0 is being offered for $129/mo with the full array of features and paywall integration. However, if your site only offers free content and you do not benefit from a paywall or paid subscriptions, we also offer a cheaper Free Access App for just $99/mo. The Free Access App does not include paywall integration or any form of subscriber login.

Screenshots from the App

  • Homepage


  • Social Sharing

    Social Sharing

  • Article View

    Article View

  • Hamburger Menu

    Hamburger Menu

  • Keyword Search

    Keyword Search

  • Push Notifications Menu

    Push Notifications Menu

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Key Features

  • The best experience for viewing the news on the go!
  • Articles, Ads & Media from your website included!
  • Integrates with existing Memberpress Paywall!
  • Supports Google Analytics integration for full usage monitoring.

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