Multi-Publication Websites

A multi-publication website is the ideal solution for newspapers and publishers managing multiple publications. By housing all publications under one umbrella site, you can minimize redundancy and maximize efficiency.

Benefits of a multi-publication website include:

  • Unique pages for publication home, about us, subscribe, advertise, and contact us;
  • Individual categories (News, Business, etc) for each publication;
  • Display the latest E-Edition in the each publication’s E-Edition category;
  • Separate paywall settings:
    • Unique paywall tag, paywall rules, groups and memberships per publication

At its core, a multi-pub site allows you to leverage the Our-Hometown platform to power all your publications. Individual publications on the site act as their own entities with unique designs, content and paywalls.

From an audience perspective, users access tailored homepages for each publication featuring top stories, weather, multimedia, and sections. Registration and account management is centralized, allowing readers to easily toggle between associated publications.

For staff, a shared, role-based CMS means centralized teams can publish, manage, and distribute content across the entire site. The same tools, workflows, and permissions apply regardless of which publication they are currently working on.

For customers using our Reverse Publishing feature, a multi-pub site can be tremendously beneficial as the content for all publications can be composed, digital first, then exported by publication for design and pagination.

Advertising also benefits from a consolidated ad server and space management. You can sell packages across the site while still targeting niche categories and demographics, based upon an individual publication.

You can also view engagement for both the entire site as well as drill down into specific publications. Compare traffic sources, popular content, subscriptions, and more.

A multi-publication approach streamlines management while still allowing customization. With the right technology, you can break down silos and propel your publications to the next level.

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