OHT Ad Network

The Our-Hometown Ad Network offers publishers the opportunity to earn additional revenue by displaying ads from our advertising network on their website(s).

Beyond digital subscriptions, the lowest-hanging fruit for publishers in terms of turn-key revenue generation is through the use of an advertising network.

Publishers who enroll can have ads automatically inserted in pre-configured locations, or can choose to customize exactly where they want network ads to display. The more ad positions that are made available, the more potential revenue can be generated. Our team works closely with publishers to determine the best ad placement strategy, unique to each website based on the publisher's specifications.

Behind the scenes, advertisers are bidding against one another to display their ads in each available position. This revenue goes directly to the publisher, with Our-Hometown taking a meager 10% service fee.

The OHT Ad Network is especially effective when paired with traffic-driving tools such as our Social Media Autopost tool, which allows publishers to easily share content across all of their social media platforms to bring more readers to the website. More website traffic means more ad revenue!

How it Works

Automatically populate your website with ads from the Our-Hometown ad Network.

Generate Revenue passively as advertisers bid against each other for premium ad placement!

Page speed improvement results in faster load times, providing a positive reader experience!

Advertisements are personalized based on the reader, displaying ads relevant to their interests or location.

Turn-Key Ad System -- Our team handles all setup, management and optimization of the Ad Network! After a quick setup call, no effort is required from the publisher!

Comprehensive stats allow you to track your website's performance and view a real-time estimate of monthly revenue.

How it looks


  • Turn-Key Advertising Network
  • Populate your website with ads with little effort!
  • Earn passive income from advertisers bidding for placement!
  • Start profiting from your website today!
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