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The Our-Hometown Newsletter plugin allows publishers to reach and update their readers at any time with breaking news, events, or offers. Plus an automatically generated summary of the latest edition is sent when published. Newsletters can include article content, advertisements and other types of calls-to-action, encouraging readers to return and engage with your website.

This video provides a detailed walkthrough of the various pages, tabs and menus used to navigate the various features and options of the newsletter plugin provided by lead customer support representative Vera Lemonovich.

Below you will find a number of posts demonstrating specific features and implementations:

Creating Newsletters

The Drag & Drop Composer is a new way of creating custom and unique newsletters without any need for experience with HTML or CSS. It is a visual “drag & drop” editor that allows you to click and drag a number of different kinds of blocks into your newsletter layout. Every “block” has its own styling options and can be easily arranged within your newsletter to create an appealing email.



Automated Newsletters

Automated Newsletters are useful because you can design your newsletter once and have it automatically send out at a pre-determined time and day each week (or bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the schedule you set up). The key advantage is that the Automated Newsletter will automatically fill itself with new content that has been posted since the previous week’s newsletter went out, meaning your staff doesn’t have to manually piece together the newsletter each week.



Customer Highlights

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