May 2019 -

Reader Comments: Quality vs Quantity

Allowing readers to comment on your articles is a great way to gauge interest and reactions, and many publishers find that their most popular stories also have the most comments. However, a growing trend in the digital publishing world is to restrict comment sections to registered users or paid subscribers. recently touched on the subject in an article titled, “‘Growing the number isn’t always the key’: How publishers approach […]

La Voz Latina Central PA relaunches redesign with Our Hometown

The La Voz Latina Central relaunches on with the Our Hometown Platform. Their monthly magazine is very image focused, so we utilized the “Magazine Layout” widget on our WordPress platform to make the most of their content.  We provide PDF to HTML conversion as well as the WordPress platform support. Welcome to La Voz Latina Central from the Our Hometown Team!

Maple River Messenger and Truman Tribune re-launch with Our Hometown!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Maple River Messenger and Truman Tribune websites on Our Hometown’s Wordpress platform! Both websites went live early in May 2019, each with a fresh custom layout crafted by our design team to meet the customer’s desires. The publications are owned by the Meyer family, who strongly believe in the value of small businesses and are committed to supporting local communities and […]

How to Add A “Top Stories” Widget to Your Homepage

Display your most popular stories on your homepage! The Top Stories Widget feature is being used at The Atlanta Voice and The Herald to drive reader engagement by keeping the most in-demand articles on their homepage longer. You choose the number of articles to display and select the time period over which to display popular articles from. There are options ranging from the Last 2 Days all the way up to Past 6 Months. The articles […]

When local newspapers shrink, fewer people bother to run for mayor

“In a well-functioning system, citizens need to be actively engaged in their government and aware of decisions made by their elected representatives.  Newspapers are a means of citizen engagement, and this study provides evidence of the importance of this link.” Get the word out on this to your readers!  It might be the difference between a subscription expiration and renewal. Read the whole article by the Nieman Lab here.

How to “Edit Order” of Articles on Your Homepage

How to “Edit Order” of Articles on Your Homepage

Our Hometown’s WordPress platform makes it easy to customize the layout and styling of your homepage with just a few clicks.  One example we’d like to highlight is the “Edit Order” tool, which allows you to easily adjust the order in which articles appear in a given article widget on the homepage. We all know first impressions are a big deal, and your homepage represents your “first impression” to readers […]

Google Docs Add-On for WordPress Publishing

In our conversations with publishers, editors, and reporters over the last year, we discovered that Google Docs is now the leading word processing tool for local newspapers. That’s why we developed the Google Docs Add-On for WordPress.  This tool gives you full control of your article’s publish status on WordPress, without leaving the Google Doc. Here’s how it works: Step 1:  Install the Google Docs Add-On here. Use this link […]

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