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Feature Highlight: Photo Galleries with MaxGalleria

One great way to help your articles stand out from the monotonous news that litters the internet these days is by including a Gallery of attractive, high-quality photos. This can be easily achieved using the MaxGalleria Plugin included with all of our WordPress websites! The MaxGalleria Plugin allows you to create a Photo or Video Gallery right from your dashboard. You choose a gallery template and a few display options […]

Check the Source: Social Media sharing & misinformation

Social Media has become a powerhouse for content sharing over the past decade, allowing anyone to share a news article with their entire online network of friends in just a few taps of the finger. It is easy to see why both publishers and social media networks have made content sharing a prime focus. But while we’ve all been warned to look out for the “Fake News” that often gets […]

Reader Comments: Quality vs Quantity

Allowing readers to comment on your articles is a great way to gauge interest and reactions, and many publishers find that their most popular stories also have the most comments. However, a growing trend in the digital publishing world is to restrict comment sections to registered users or paid subscribers. DigiDay.com recently touched on the subject in an article titled, “‘Growing the number isn’t always the key’: How publishers approach […]

How to Add A “Top Stories” Widget to Your Homepage

Display your most popular stories on your homepage! The Top Stories Widget feature is being used at The Atlanta Voice and The Herald to drive reader engagement by keeping the most in-demand articles on their homepage longer. You choose the number of articles to display and select the time period over which to display popular articles from. There are options ranging from the Last 2 Days all the way up to Past 6 Months. The articles […]

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