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WebAds from Our-Hometown gives you the ability to monitor all of your digital advertising with the same dashboard as the other features of your publication’s website.

Our customizable ad blocks are capable of displaying high-resolution ads in all iAB standard types and sizes across every page of your site.

WebAds blocks can rotate through multiple ads in one slot or populate a grid, as well as feature an individual advertiser in their own block.

Print ads can be bulk-uploaded into the WebAds Management System which will automatically convert PDF ads into a format that can be displayed online, both within an ad block and on the Marketplace page.

Every print ad that is run on the site will also be cataloged in an Advertiser Index which creates Business Profiles that organizes all of your ad sales information into one database.

Digital ads can be scheduled into campaigns that monitor start and end dates as well as ad performance.

Ad Report statistics are generated to provide your sales team and advertisers with information regarding customer engagement through impressions and click-through rates, which can be exported and shared easily.

WebAds gives your publication a centralized advertising system, allowing you to upload, schedule, and track your ads within the same platform you use to upload all other content to your website.

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