June, 2019 -

Newsletter Sign Up Options

You want to make it FREE and EASY for anyone to sign up for the weekly newsletter.  There are several options for collecting emails, the most common being the Newsletter Sign up page.   Newsletter Signup Page In this case, you have a link or button on the homepage labeled “Subscribe to Free News Updates”, which directs readers to a dedicated newsletter signup page, like we see on SignalsAz.com/subscribe.   Email […]

Our Hometown at Arkansas Press Association Trade Show

Hello Arkansas publishers! We are in Hot Springs, AR today for the summer Arkansas Press Association convention. Stop by our booth at the trade show to learn about our digital solutions for newspapers.  Deb Blanchard will be available to answer questions is handing out copies of The Our Hometown News, produced from our blog via Reverse Publishing. We are also scheduling free demos with your staff if you are interested […]

How to Send Advertisers their Ad Statistics

One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is the ability to measure the impact of the ad on an audience. With our AdRotate plugin, you can not only get the impressions and click-throughs on any individual ad, you can easily deliver those metrics to your advertisers in a couple steps. Step 1:  Locate the Advertisement in Adrotate Login to your website’s dashboard, look for the “AdRotate” plugin on the […]

Celebrate Independence Day with a Gift Subscription to Independent News!

Did you know that you can offer Gift Subscriptions to your website? It’s as easy as filling out the form below and Our Hometown Support will take care of the rest. Gift Subscriptions are a great way to increase subscriptions.  They have the option to personalize the gift with a message, as well as schedule the subscription to start on a specific date. You can also opt-in to our Email […]

Photo Galleries with MaxGalleria

One great way to help your articles stand out is by including a Gallery of attractive, high-quality photos. This can be easily achieved using the MaxGalleria Plugin included with all of our WordPress websites! The MaxGalleria Plugin allows you to create a Photo or Video Gallery right from your dashboard. You choose a gallery template and a few display options along the way, then upload images from your computer or […]

Check the Source: Social Media sharing & misinformation

Social Media has become a powerhouse for content sharing over the past decade, allowing anyone to share a news article with their entire online network of friends in just a few taps of the finger. It is easy to see why both publishers and social media networks have made content sharing a prime focus. But while we’ve all been warned to look out for the “Fake News” that often gets […]

How to Export Articles from WordPress to InDesign

You can now use our WordPress platform as your PrePress and Digital Newspaper CMS.  The WordPress article editor can be used to draft and edit all content.  Our Hometown’s Export Tool allows you to batch export the entire edition as one XML file.  Then, simply import into InDesign for Drag and Drop layout into your template.

Selling Gift Subscriptions with Newsletter Marketing

Last week, we announced our Gift Subscription feature for use with MemberPress.  This feature streamlines the process of a customer ordering a gift, creating a discount/coupon code, and delivering the gift to the recipient in a way that requires no additional action from the publisher.  Everything is fully automated! To help drive sales, we are now offering Newsletter Marketing Services to help you promote gift subscriptions to your current subscribers. […]

How to Publish to WordPress from Google Docs

 Improve your workflow with our new Google Docs “Publish to WordPress” Add-On! Using the Publish to WordPress Add-On, your staff can use the popular Word Processing tool, Google Docs, to plan, draft, schedule and publish articles to your website from start to finish, without ever needing to leave the document! The Add-On initiates a connection with your website using your staff account, giving you access to all of the […]

Dallas Weekly launches new Apple and Android Apps

The Dallas Weekly recently launched their site on Our Hometown’s WordPress platform, now they are launching native apps for iOS and Android.  Check out the apps, available for free on the App store and Google Play.

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