MemberPress Reports

Using Memberpress reports provides several benefits for our publishers. Reports offer an overview of membership statistics, identify subscriber behavior patterns, and provide insights into payment processing. This data can inform marketing and content strategies to optimize a subscription-based business model.

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From your Admin Dashboard, go to MemberPress and find the Reports submenu. This page provides an overview of your site’s performance, including the total number of members, the number of active and inactive members, and more.

The bulk of the report consists of a graph of transactions by amount or number and a table of that data. The table breaks down the data by day or month within the selected range displaying the number of transactions and the revenue collected.

You can narrow or expand the time period of the report by clicking on the Monthly, Yearly, or All-Time tabs and then choosing a range from the dropdown menu. The report can be filtered to only display a certain category of membership as well.

Clicking on any date will bring up a list of all the transactions received on that day, including the type of membership, amount collected, payment gateway the users’ full name and username, plus the creation and expiration dates of the purchased membership.

Note that at the bottom of many of these tables, including members, transactions, coupons, etc. are links to download the visible list or the entire table as a CSV file for offline use.

These tables also feature a filter and search feature to allow you to find only the transactions or members matching your selection criteria, such as active members, etc.


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