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Automatically convert your text content into Audio

A constantly changing world requires a constantly changing media platform.

Today, news and media is consumed in ways that even just ten years ago were unheard of. A major trend in all forms of media is the desire to take in content "on the go." While mobile phones and tablets have made this possible, we're excited to build upon that principle with our newest feature: Audio Articles.

With Audio Articles, every article posted on your website is converted into an audio stream that can be played back at the click (or touch) of a button, allowing readers to listen to their news in places they otherwise couldn't -- at the gym, on the road, or in a crowded lunch room!

Best of all, this functionality is built in to your existing website! Readers won't have to download any software or third-party apps to use this feature -- they just open a news article like they normally would, and click the "Play" button!



Audio Articles allows readers to listen to the news at their own convenience. When a reader doesn't have the option to sit down and scroll through an article, they can just press play and listen to the news while multi-tasking. No third party apps or downloads are required -- Audio Articles integrates seamlessly into your existing website!


Audio Articles is a great way to improve your Website Accessibility. Visually impaired readers will benefit greatly from the ability to simply load an article and press play!


Generate revenue by selling a unique audio ad, read before each article. Monetize ad space above the audio player, which includes a "Sponsored By" message and logo that links to the advertisers website.


View real-time listening stats to see just how valuable this tool is to your readers and advertisers! Live Stat-tracking and Reports are available on our stats website, powered by Matomo, or within your Google Analytics account. View real-time listening stats to see just how valuable this tool is to your readers!

Customize Your Audio

Choose from multiple voice options,  including a newscaster voice specifically geared towards reading and presenting the news, as well as alternative language options.

Audio Articles is available for $75/month per site.

• Includes two-million text characters transcribed to audio per month.

• $30 for each additional one-million characters transcribed to audio per month.

Try Our Narrators

 Male   -   Standard:
 Female - Standard:
 Male   -   Premium with Newscaster
 Female - Premium with Newscaster

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  • Listen to the news anywhere!
  • Improved Website Accessibility
  • Monetize with "Sponsored By" Audio Ads
  • Live Reports in Matomo/Google Analytics
  • No App or Download Required!

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