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Publisher Interview: How to Use Reverse Publishing and Multisite Publishing

Last week, I sat down with Meg Norris, editor and publisher of Litmor Publications, a group of weeklies from Long Island New York. Meg has been an Our Hometown customer for years with the Garden City News, which uses our Full Service PDF extraction for publishing online. As we discuss in the video, when we told Meg that we had developed reverse publishing, she decided to bring her other four […]

How to Export Articles from WordPress to InDesign

You can now use our WordPress platform as your PrePress and Digital Newspaper CMS.  The WordPress article editor can be used to draft and edit all content.  Our Hometown’s Export Tool allows you to batch export the entire edition as one XML file.  Then, simply import into InDesign for Drag and Drop layout into your template.

How to Appear in Google News

If you have not yet submitted your site to the Google News Publisher Center, you may be missing out on some valuable web traffic. Many readers are turning to Google News to stay up to date with news and content that matters to them most. In order for your articles to appear on Google News, you’ll need to submit your website for inclusion through the Google News Publisher Center. The following article will also […]

“Hello WordPress!”…Published from Google Docs – TEST CHANGE

This is our first test blog post using the Google Docs to WordPress feed. This concludes the test. Check back for updates on this feature as we prepare it for release. -Matt

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