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Publisher Interview: The Value of using a Geodirectory for your Event Calendar

Exporting Classified Ads with Reverse Publishing

Creating Your Ads Online From your WordPress Dashboard, find the link titled Classifieds and click Add New Classified. Enter a title for the ad, and enter the ad copy itself into the large textbox. Select a category and sub-category (if applicable) for your ad. Enter address & location information (if required) At the bottom of the right hand column is a box to upload attachments. Upload an image to display […]

How to Merge an Online Update with Print

Hopefully, you’ve already seen the full walk through of how to get your articles from WordPress to InDesign for print layout. With the paper looking great and ready to print, inevitably, the editor will notice a mistake in the story that needs to be corrected. This video is a walk through how the best practice for making that change on the website and then re-exporting the story.  The final step […]

Reverse Publishing From WordPress to InDesign

Last week I had the bright idea to use our Reverse Publishing Tools to create some printed marketing materials from our Blog.  Watch the video above to see how I accomplish this task from start to finish! Step 1:  Create an article in WordPress The most efficient way to use our Reverse Publishing tool is to compose your articles directly in WordPress.  In the above video, I quickly go over […]

How to Use Your Newsletter to Sell Digital Subscriptions

How to Use Your Newsletter to Sell Digital Subscriptions

The weekly newsletter is a valuable service you provide to your readers when they become a digital subscriber. However, the new Automated Newsletter feature is a multipurpose marketing tool that could also be used to grow your digital subscribers. Here are the 6 steps to using your Email Newsletter to Promote Digital Subscriptions:   Step 1: Setup Automated Newsletter We already send a weekly newsletter for all Full Service customers. […]

FREE Email Template for Promoting “4th of July Gift Subscriptions”

Our Hometown offers Email Marketing Services to help customers sell digital subscriptions. Click here a free email template that you could use to promote gift subscriptions for Independence Day!

Newsletter Sign Up Options

You want to make it FREE and EASY for anyone to sign up for the weekly newsletter.  There are several options for collecting emails, the most common being the Newsletter Sign up page.   Newsletter Signup Page In this case, you have a link or button on the homepage labeled “Subscribe to Free News Updates”, which directs readers to a dedicated newsletter signup page, like we see on   Email […]

Our Hometown at Arkansas Press Association Trade Show

Hello Arkansas publishers! We are in Hot Springs, AR today for the summer Arkansas Press Association convention. Stop by our booth at the trade show to learn about our digital solutions for newspapers.  Deb Blanchard will be available to answer questions is handing out copies of The Our Hometown News, produced from our blog via Reverse Publishing. We are also scheduling free demos with your staff if you are interested […]

How to Send Advertisers their Ad Statistics

One of the biggest benefits of online advertising is the ability to measure the impact of the ad on an audience. With our AdRotate plugin, you can not only get the impressions and click-throughs on any individual ad, you can easily deliver those metrics to your advertisers in a couple steps. Step 1:  Locate the Advertisement in Adrotate Login to your website’s dashboard, look for the “AdRotate” plugin on the […]

Celebrate Independence Day with a Gift Subscription to Independent News!

Did you know that you can offer Gift Subscriptions to your website? It’s as easy as filling out the form below and Our Hometown Support will take care of the rest. Gift Subscriptions are a great way to increase subscriptions.  They have the option to personalize the gift with a message, as well as schedule the subscription to start on a specific date. You can also opt-in to our Email […]

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