This Week in Journalism – Nov. 13, 2020

This Week in Journalism – Nov. 13, 2020
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News Corp Profits Q3, Podcast Subscriptions on Spotify, and Subscriber Retention Strategies.

#1 – News Corp Stock Surges on better-than-expected quarterly profits

“It is clear that the digital landscape is changing fundamentally, and the company has been an important catalyst for that change.  The principle of a premium for premium content is now recognized, and there will inevitably be further developments in algorithmic transparency and the digital advertising marketing, two areas in which News Corp has been a leading advocate” – Robert Thomson, News Corp CEO.

#2 – Can Spotify be the one to convince people to pay for podcasts?

“Spotify is reportedly considering a subscription service just for its podcasts”

#3 – Why product is the best subscriber-retention strategy

“Move to a retention first-model” to stop churn, “investigate the ‘why’ of what motivates your audiences to interact with your content and keep coming back”.

#4 – 8 Reasons Why Email Newsletters are a Game-Changer for Local News

This article hit a lot of great points.  One thing that we often talk about with publishers, is that the main purpose of Newsletters is to increase current subscriber retention and help you get your foot in the door to close new subscription deals.

#5 – The Kansas City Star to move from downtown building, shift printing operations

The whole staff could go remote!

#6 – How the Independent and Dennik N drive subscriptions with reader-centric metrics

“Rather than just putting up a paywall and hoping that readers will get their credit cards out, a successful subscription strategy requires fine-tuning and personalization”.  This article is right in line with many of the principles I have realized are key to growing subscriptions; i.e You need to focus on understanding your reader’s behavior, what it is they like/dislike about the website, and segment the audience for more effective marketing.

#7 – Widening the funnel:  Where are new sites finding new subscribers?

“The proportion of people willing to pay for digital news specifically tends to hover around the low double digits in many countries.  As a result, news publishers are widening the top of their marketing funnel in an attempt to bring as many people into the fold as they can.”

“That’s especially true when it comes to attracting young audiences.  The vast majority of digital subscription titles offer student subscription prices


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