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Publisher Interview: Podcasting for News Publishers

Publisher Interview: Podcasting for News Publishers

In today’s Publisher Interview, Our-Hometown CEO Matt Larson is joined by Tom Lappas and Tara Gray of the Henrico Citizen to take a deeper dive into the world of Podcasting! Tom and Tara have worked together to launch three podcasts under the Henrico Citizen brand, each with a slightly different goal in terms of delivering content for listeners. The Henrico News Minute, as discussed in a previous interview, is a short five-minutes-or-less round-up of […]

Have you seen our new features on WordPress?

Many publishers ask me which features other newspapers are using to generate digital revenue, engage with readers, and reduce operational costs.  In response, I have put together the following list of features currently available with Our Hometown: Revenue Opportunities Unlimited Web Ad Options Simple to Manage Business Directory Customizable Advertiser Profiles Bulk Print Ad Upload and Automatic Profile Generation New Classified Directory Real Estate Listings Coupons and Daily Deals Sell […]

Google scrapping “First Click Free” Policy

Google, after much publisher input, will be ditching it’s “First Click Free” policy, implemented more than ten years ago.  With their new “Flexible Sampling” option, publishers can offer a set number of free stories over a time period, such as a month, instead of each day, allowing them to share stories with Google without having to sacrifice a paid content model. Read more at 

What isn’t Facebook telling Publishers about Instant Articles?

What isn’t Facebook telling Publishers about Instant Articles?

Facebook likes to talk about all the money publishers can make on their Instant Articles platform – just look at the information provided in the following infographic: 20% more clicks than mobile web articles 70% less likely to abandon the article due to page load speeds 30% more shares than a mobile web article Seems too good to be true, right?   What Facebook doesn’t come right out & say is […]

The evolution of clickbait content

Breaking down the good & bad of clickbait articles Clickbait used to be a catch-all phrase for the types of articles that generated clicks but also lead readers away from the site they were on, sometimes through a maze of other sites, to get to the actual article they wanted to read. This puts publishers in a tricky position at times, because there’s nothing wrong with an interesting article title […]

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