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How to Add A “Top Stories” Widget to Your Homepage

Display your most popular stories on your homepage! The Top Stories Widget feature is being used at The Atlanta Voice and The Herald to drive reader engagement by keeping the most in-demand articles on their homepage longer. You choose the number of articles to display and select the time period over which to display popular articles from. There are options ranging from the Last 2 Days all the way up to Past 6 Months. The articles […]

How to “Edit Order” of Articles on Your Homepage

Our Hometown’s WordPress platform makes it easy to customize the layout and styling of your homepage with just a few clicks.  One example we’d like to highlight is the “Edit Order” tool, which allows you to easily adjust the order in which articles appear in a given article widget on the homepage. We all know first impressions are a big deal, and your homepage represents your “first impression” to readers […]

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