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Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper with Kevin Slimp!

Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper with Kevin Slimp!

Our-Hometown is excited to announce an upcoming customer-exclusive Live Webinar on¬†Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper, hosted by special guest speaker Kevin Slimp! The webinar will take place via GoToMeeting on Thursday, November 12th at 2PM Eastern, and registration is free for all Our-Hometown customers! Kevin Slimp is a widely-recognized speaker, trainer and writer in the newspaper industry. He has been featured as a keynote speaker at many state […]

Some of the Millennial generation actually pays for the news…

Research conducted by the American Press Institute shows that Millennials, who it is thought have a much more entitled viewpoint to digital media, do in fact use paid subscription services to access a variety of digital & print media. While digital entertainment lead the pack, a surprising amount of Millennials also used paid digital & print subscriptions to magazines, newsapps, & newspapers. Original article & research published by the American […]

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