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BuzzSprout: Five Ways to Promote a Brand New Podcast

BuzzSprout: Five Ways to Promote a Brand New Podcast

By now, you’ve probably read about our awesome new product, Audio Articles Podcast, which automatically converts all of the text articles on your website into audio podcast episodes and distributes them across all of the major podcasting networks with some help from our friends at BuzzSprout.  We think our Audio Articles Podcast tool is a great way to get your feet wet in the wide world of podcasting, but BuzzSprout offers some […]

All the news that’s fit to podcast: Newspapers try out audio

Podcasts have been around forever and with the likes of Serial shining a light on the journalistic possibilities, newspapers are testing out the podcast waters.  It’s an engaging media format that can be shared easily, go viral with the right content, and make money with the premium subscription services available. With the elections coming up and unexplored unsolved cases, there’s a wealth of content available in this relatively cheap medium. […]

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