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E&P Reports: Free Papers CAN Create Digital PAID Subscribers

E&P Reports: Free Papers CAN Create Digital PAID Subscribers

Our-Hometown, Inc. president & CEO, Matthew Larson, will be joining Editor & Publisher’s upcoming live webinar, E&P Reports, on Wednesday, June 24th at 2PM EST to discuss how Free Papers CAN Create Digital PAID Subscribers with E&P Publisher Mike Blinder. Accompanying the duo will be representatives from two Our-Hometown customers: Jim Rule, President & Publisher of the Acorn Newspaper Group based in Agoura Hills, CA., and Frank McCraken, President & […]

Introduction to Paywall Models available on OHT

Introduction to Paywall Models available on OHT

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is far from “over”, small businesses around the country are doing what they can to safely open their doors back up to the public and return to some sense of normalcy. (Hey, we might even have sports back soon.) For newspapers that offer digital subscriptions, this may mean that you’re preparing to reinstate a paywall that was dropped earlier in the  pandemic to facilitate the spread […]

Have you seen our new features on WordPress?

Many publishers ask me which features other newspapers are using to generate digital revenue, engage with readers, and reduce operational costs.  In response, I have put together the following list of features currently available with Our Hometown: Revenue Opportunities Unlimited Web Ad Options Simple to Manage Business Directory Customizable Advertiser Profiles Bulk Print Ad Upload and Automatic Profile Generation New Classified Directory Real Estate Listings Coupons and Daily Deals Sell […]

Google scrapping “First Click Free” Policy

Google, after much publisher input, will be ditching it’s “First Click Free” policy, implemented more than ten years ago.  With their new “Flexible Sampling” option, publishers can offer a set number of free stories over a time period, such as a month, instead of each day, allowing them to share stories with Google without having to sacrifice a paid content model. Read more at 

Digital Publishing: For Some Publishers, Paywalls are Gaining Traction

What makes a paywall successful?  The New York Times & Wall Street Journal have both been successful in generating revenue via paid reader subscriptions for their digital content while other papers like The Sun & The Toronto Star continue to offer their content free online or have scrapped paywalls they initially used.   Who’s right about whether or not to use paywalls?  As publishers are discovering, it’s a balancing act […]

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