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Union County Daily Digital Launches Online Hyperlocal Publication

The Union County Daily Digital launched their new website on Our Hometown’s WordPress platform on April 22, 2019.  This online only publication is looking to fill the need for hyperlocal coverage in this suburban county northwest of Columbus, OH. Check out their site here:  https://www.unioncountydailydigital.com/

Dallas Weekly launches new Apple and Android Apps

The Dallas Weekly recently launched their site on Our Hometown’s WordPress platform, now they are launching native apps for iOS and Android.  Check out the apps, available for free on the App store and Google Play.

iOS and Android Apps Coming in Spring 2019!

We are in the final stages of developing a community newspaper app that works on both iOS and Android devices.  The app automatically updates with content published on your WordPress site.  Your digital subscribers will have instant access to all your content on the app.  Your advertisers will reach a more mobile audience as the ads sync with whatever is published on the website. Features Integration with MemberPress, allowing subscribers […]

“Hello WordPress!”…Published from Google Docs – TEST CHANGE

This is our first test blog post using the Google Docs to WordPress feed. This concludes the test. Check back for updates on this feature as we prepare it for release. -Matt

Installing an SSL Certificate for HTTPS

Installing an SSL Certificate for HTTPS

If your website currently uses HTTP in the URL, rather than HTTPS, you are risking the security of your website’s content and all transactions that occur on it. HTTPS is a standard on the internet because of the enhanced security it provides for communicating with websites. Google Chrome has been labeling non-HTTPS sites as “Non-Secure” since September 2018. We can help you install an SSL certificate as part of your […]

National News starts with Local Newspapers

The Acorn Newspapers recently covered the crash of a WWII replica airplane on the 101 freeway just north of Thousand Oaks, CA. Plane crash on 101 causes carmaggedon The story quickly gained national attention, with coverage in from USA Today to Huffington Post. Twitter took news of the crash viral, as users re-posted national news stories and commented on the “Twilight-Zone” nature of the story. Kyle Jorrey, editor of the […]

The Impact of a Paywall on Website Traffic

A question many publishers have before delving into digital subscriptions is how it will impact their website traffic (i.e. their digital advertising revenue). The pageviews and visitors will likely decrease, but the question is how much. We have data from the Clark County Democrat of Alabama, which launched a paywall in July 2011.  Below is a graph of the impact on unique visitor traffic to the site. The first month […]

Have you seen our new features on WordPress?

Many publishers ask me which features other newspapers are using to generate digital revenue, engage with readers, and reduce operational costs.  In response, I have put together the following list of features currently available with Our Hometown: Revenue Opportunities Unlimited Web Ad Options Simple to Manage Business Directory Customizable Advertiser Profiles Bulk Print Ad Upload and Automatic Profile Generation New Classified Directory Real Estate Listings Coupons and Daily Deals Sell […]

How to Add a Subscriber to WordPress

This is how you add a subscriber to your website.

Automate Order Taking with Gravity Forms

Automate Order Taking with Gravity Forms

The WordPress plugin “Gravity Forms” now comes pre-installed on every Our Hometown website. It’s an extremely powerful plugin that you can use to survey readers, automate order taking, or generate leads for local advertisers. Learn more about Gravity Forms here:  https://www.gravityforms.com/  

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