Second Street Summit – Smarter Ways to Use Email

Second Street Summit – Smarter Ways to Use Email
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Session 2 for the day.

June 9 at 3pm EST

“Smarter Ways to Use Email with Quizzes, Polls, Ballots, and More”


Jennifer Williams

Tim D’Avis


Email and Promotions Work Together

87% of new email opt ins come from promotions

The Cycle: Run Promotions. Send Emails. Repeat.

  1. Follow-up promotions by moving your audience to the next digital action.
  2. Feature promotions and interactive content in newsletters to capture valuable segmentation data.
  3. Use segmentation data to send more and better targeted email. Reduce churn, increase opportunities for engagement and revenue.

Group-wide focus on actionable data

  1. Asking for Permission and Interests. This can be done with gravity forms to get newsletter subscribers to opt in to specific categories or topics.
  2. Send updates related to interests.
  3. Acknowledge interests within email. “Looks like you are a music fan, so we thought you’d want to know about this concert coming up downtown”.

Treat your email relationships like…relationships

  1. Keep an open dialogue and listen
  2. Be inquisitive and ask questions
  3. Focus your listening and asking on improving the relationship
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