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Improve SEO: Including ‘Article Category’ in your URL structure

In a recent blog post, SEO Best Practices: Structuring URLs for your news site, we talk about the best practices you can apply to your URL structure to improve your SEO. For those looking to improve their website’s SEO performance here’s a quick tip you can apply today. Steps on including ‘article category’ in your URL structure in WordPress: From your WordPress Dashboard, look for the link titled OHT Settings       […]

SEO Best Practices: Structuring URLs for your news site

URLs are one of the most basic elements of SEO. Having an SEO-friendly URL structure can help search engines and users alike navigate your website easily, potentially giving you an edge over the competition. For a publisher, SEO is often a challenge. News sites are pushing out significant amounts of content on a daily and weekly basis because volume plays an important role in their strategy. Applying SEO techniques will […]

Reverse Publishing with Classifieds

When we introduced Reverse Publishing from WordPress to InDesign for articles, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we quickly realized the importance of this feature to the online and print publishing industry. We knew that we had to continue expanding upon the idea and bring similar functionality to other areas of the printing process. We are now able to offer a full Classifieds System with Reverse Publishing! This system allows you […]

Including Article Category in the URL for Improved SEO

We have a quick tip for our customers looking to improve their website’s SEO performance. By default, our websites URLs are structured with just the article title included as follows: website.com/articles/article-title/ Many customers have noticed better SEO performance by including the category in the URL structure as well. This is easily accomplished by marking one checkbox on our settings page. From your WordPress Dashboard, look for the link titled OHT Settings. Just […]

Using Multiple Newsletters or Mailing Lists

Did you know that it is possible to use more than one mailing list within your newsletter plugin? Usually, newsletter subscribers are always added to the default mailing list, but you can actually create several different mailing lists to target different segments of readers, and can even give the subscriber the option to choose which lists to subscribe to. Building Your Lists From the Newsletter plugin dashboard, hover over List Building and […]

Exporting Classified Ads with Reverse Publishing

Creating Your Ads Online From your WordPress Dashboard, find the link titled Classifieds and click Add New Classified. Enter a title for the ad, and enter the ad copy itself into the large textbox. Select a category and sub-category (if applicable) for your ad. Enter address & location information (if required) At the bottom of the right hand column is a box to upload attachments. Upload an image to display […]

How to Merge an Online Update with Print

Hopefully, you’ve already seen the full walk through of how to get your articles from WordPress to InDesign for print layout. With the paper looking great and ready to print, inevitably, the editor will notice a mistake in the story that needs to be corrected. This video is a walk through how the best practice for making that change on the website and then re-exporting the story.  The final step […]

Reverse Publishing From WordPress to InDesign

Last week I had the bright idea to use our Reverse Publishing Tools to create some printed marketing materials from our Blog.  Watch the video above to see how I accomplish this task from start to finish! Step 1:  Create an article in WordPress The most efficient way to use our Reverse Publishing tool is to compose your articles directly in WordPress.  In the above video, I quickly go over […]

Sending an Event Newsletter

Sending an Event Newsletter

We recently published two posts detailing our Event Calendar system and Using your Newsletter to Sell Digital Subscriptions. Now, we’re going to combine the two and cover how to send an Event Newsletter. An Event Newsletter is useful for promoting local events, whether they are sponsored events or hosted by the public, and is a great way to expand a publication’s community reach. Sending an Event Newsletter is very similar to sending a […]

Using the Automated Newsletter

Using the Automated Newsletter

We’ve discussed the Newsletter Plugin and it’s many benefits before, but one feature that deserves a topic of it’s own is the Automated Newsletter. The Automated Newsletter allows you to construct a customized newsletter that is dynamically filled with content from your website and delivered on a set schedule. You edit the structure of the newsletter, choose what content to include, and choose a list of recipients — the plugin takes care of […]

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