Publisher Interview: How to Reverse Publish Four Weeklies from WordPress to InDesign

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Last week, I sat down with Meg Norris, editor and publisher of Litmor Publications, a group of weeklies from Long Island New York.

Meg has been an Our Hometown customer for years with the Garden City News, which uses our Full Service PDF extraction for publishing online.

As we discuss in the video, when we told Meg that we had developed reverse publishing, she decided to bring her other four paper’s online as well.

“We have four smaller papers that we wanted to get online.  Garden City News has been online for years, but we wanted to get these online and do it as seamlessly as possible.  So you guys setup the four websites and they are linked so you can share articles between them and also when I get stuff in, I can just pop it right into WordPress and it will export as a file we can pull right into InDesign.”

Syosset Advance, Bethpage Newsgram, Jericho News Journal, and Mid-Island Times all launched on WordPress with a Reverse Publishing workflow from day one.

“We’ve set it up so that all of the style sheets match up, so that when you pull it into InDesign the styles are already applied”, Meg goes on to explain in the video. “It’s really quick for the layout people.”


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