August, 2018 -

The Impact of a Paywall on Website Traffic

A question many publishers have before delving into digital subscriptions is how it will impact their website traffic (i.e. their digital advertising revenue). The pageviews and visitors will likely decrease, but the question is how much. We have data from the Clark County Democrat of Alabama, which launched a paywall in July 2011.  Below is a graph of the impact on unique visitor traffic to the site. The first month […]

Have you seen our new features on WordPress?

Many publishers ask me which features other newspapers are using to generate digital revenue, engage with readers, and reduce operational costs.  In response, I have put together the following list of features currently available with Our Hometown: Revenue Opportunities Unlimited Web Ad Options Simple to Manage Business Directory Customizable Advertiser Profiles Bulk Print Ad Upload and Automatic Profile Generation New Classified Directory Real Estate Listings Coupons and Daily Deals Sell […]

How to Add a Subscriber to WordPress

This is how you add a subscriber to your website.

Automate Order Taking with Gravity Forms

Automate Order Taking with Gravity Forms

The WordPress plugin “Gravity Forms” now comes pre-installed on every Our Hometown website. It’s an extremely powerful plugin that you can use to survey readers, automate order taking, or generate leads for local advertisers. Learn more about Gravity Forms here:  

Benefits of a combined PrePress and Digital CMS

At a high level, a combined prepress/digital CMS workflow looks like this: Create content This can be done directly in the WordPress text editor. Alternatively, articles can be composed elsewhere and submitted to the website via Email to Draft. Manage Workflow We’ve implemented several workflow plugins to help manage the editing process in a centralized location. The article status can be used to categorize the article and trigger notifications to […]

The Seven Percent Rule

“Only 7 percent of monthly unique visitors drive 50 percent of traffic on average”, explains Ken Doctor in a recent article on Newsonomics.  He argues that these “super-fans” need to be monetized to survive online.  This is why we believe that using a customizable paywall is vital to capturing the subscriber revenue that your loyalists are willing to invest in your publication. Agree or disagree? Read the rest of the […]

Social Media 101:  Encourage Reader Sharing

Social Media 101: Encourage Reader Sharing

You want to make it easy for readers to share your content and brand on social media with their networks. WordPress makes that easy with many plugins, we recommend “AddToAny”, which allows you to place great looking buttons that link to all social media platforms. This makes it very simple for readers to share your content on their platform of choice.    

How WordPress Creates Unlimited Ad Options

When using an ad management plugin like AdRotate on WordPress, your options for ad size and placement are virtually unlimited. The AdRotate plugin itself offers the option to create “Adverts” of any size or aspect ratio. Watch the video below for a demo of how to upload an ad to AdRotate Pro. Once the graphic is uploaded into the system, you simply have to place the graphic on the page […]

Using Screen Options to Declutter Your Dashboard

This is a quick tutorial on how to use the screen options to declutter your dashboard. A lot of publishers will show me a page where the layout of the articles just seems to be off (there is a problem with a column being very long in this case).  Most of those problems can be solved by just removing that column from the display.  It doesn’t mean that the information […]

PrePress Demo

Here is a video demonstration of how you can use our WordPress Platform for your PrePress operation. Just write the stories in WordPress and export the entire edition, including all headlines, articles, images, and captions.

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