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How Does WordPress Improve SEO?

How Does WordPress Improve SEO?

Today I’d like to highlight one of the many ways that WordPress provides the best SEO of any CMS in the business. We all have visited webpages and seen a “404 Error” message. These broken pages happen all the time across the internet and we all hate them. Search engines hate them too. In fact, Google Bots will punch your site’s ranking if they come across 404 Errors. WordPress addresses […]

Matthew Larson elected President and CEO of Our Hometown

I am proud to announce that our Board of Directors has recently appointed me as the President and CEO of Our Hometown. For the past seven years, I have focused on growing the company through sales, marketing, and working closely with our customers to gather feedback on existing products and services. My vision for the company is to continue delivering the same reliable PDF extraction service we have been for […]

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