How WordPress Creates Unlimited Ad Options

When using an ad management plugin like AdRotate on WordPress, your options for ad size and placement are virtually unlimited.

The AdRotate plugin itself offers the option to create “Adverts” of any size or aspect ratio.
Watch the video below for a demo of how to upload an ad to AdRotate Pro.

Once the graphic is uploaded into the system, you simply have to place the graphic on the page using the Customize Tool.  When you place an AdRotate widget on the page, the responsive design will adapt the layout to accommodate the new ad.

The Customize Tool allows you to see that all the content on every page of the site is generated by placing widgets, which pull in all the content that appears.

Since you can place the AdRotate widget anywhere on the page, you can place any size ad, anywhere, on any page.

Watch the video below for a demo of how to place the AdRotate widget using the Customize Tool.

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