Benefits of a combined PrePress and Digital CMS

At a high level, a combined prepress/digital CMS workflow looks like this:

Create content

This can be done directly in the WordPress text editor.

Alternatively, articles can be composed elsewhere and submitted to the website via Email to Draft.

Manage Workflow

We’ve implemented several workflow plugins to help manage the editing process in a centralized location.

The article status can be used to categorize the article and trigger notifications to team members throughout the process.  For example, when any article is given the status “Ready for Layout”, the paginator could be sent an email indicating which article is ready for export to Adobe.

Export Files in Batches

The Reverse Publishing plugin can be used to export an article, category, or edition as a batch folder.

Once the zip folder is exported and extracted, select “Import XML” from your InDesign template.

Drag and Drop in InDesign

When you import the XML file, it will open a “Root” directory on the left panel of InDesign.

Click the arrow next to “Root” to reveal all the titles from the edition you just exported.  Then, click the arrow next to each title to open a list of the article’s elements, including “Title”, “Byline”, “Body”, “Image”, and “Caption”.

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