New Display Ad Functionality

Our-Hometown has introduced some new functionality to our Display Ads, which are ads from the Print Edition that are either extracted by our staff or sent as a folder of pre-cropped ads along with your PDF pages to be published with each edition. These new features will benefit advertisers by making it easier for readers to identify or contact a business for an ad they are seeing, and ensuring that their website is always only one click away.

Improved Stat Tracking for E-Edition Ads

For customers who utilize our ad extraction service, we are now able to track clicks and impressions for ads viewed in PDF e-Edition. Previously, impressions and clicks were recorded when the ads appeared on the “HTML” website — either in the sidebar rotation, one of our OHT Ad Widgets, or when viewed in the Marketplace, which a user would have to seek out. Now, these stats will be recorded any time a user is viewing the PDF e-Edition, adding more value and exposure to print advertisers.

Interactive Contact Links

Each advertiser entered in the system with a Display Ad that includes an easily identifiable e-mail address or phone number will include clickable contact links on their advertiser profile page. When you click or tap the phone number while viewing on a mobile phone (or a desktop equipped with Skype or another internet phone service), it will automatically launch your phone app and allow you call the advertiser directly.

Similarly, clicking an e-mail address will open the reader’s email client and create a new e-mail addressed to that advertiser.

Advertiser Website Priority

If a Display Ad in our system has a website attached, then clicking the advertisement in the e-edition will open the website in a new tab automatically, generating traffic for the advertiser without taking the reader away from your own website.






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