Promotional Newsletter Inserts with MemberPress

Benefits of Promotional Newsletter Inserts

Using Promotional Newsletter Inserts in MemberPress can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, target your promotions more effectively, and drive more revenue to your website. 

In this example our customer has created a promotion to offer discounts to customers whose subscription has recently expired and wants it to be included with every newsletter during the promo period.

Before setting up a Promotional Newsletter Insert, we need to create a Coupon Code to be shared with the newsletter recipients for use when purchasing a subscription on your website.

From your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Memberpress then Coupons.

This will take you to the listing of any coupons already present including columns showing the discount, discount mode, start and end dates, etc. To create a new coupon click the Add New Button.

By default, the new coupon code will be a randomly generated string of numbers and letters, but you can edit the code to whatever you want — just don’t include any spaces or special characters. Most customers prefer to use something easy for their readers to remember. This is the code that you will eventually deliver to your readers via email newsletters, social media, print, or however you choose to advertise your promotional discount. 

In this example the customer is offering 15% off the first payment for monthly memberships and the first month free for annual memberships.

Under the Coupon Options, there are a few settings that need to be configured to determine how your coupon should work.

Discount: You can enter either a dollar amount or a percentage to be discounted when using the standard mode as described below. The discount for the other modes is specified below the mode selection menu.

Discount Mode: There are three discount modes:

  • Standard – A standard discount of the amount/percentage entered above. If applied to a recurring subscription, this discount will apply to each payment made towards that subscription.
  • First Payment Only – Discounts the amount/percentage entered below, but only on the First Payment of a recurring, auto-renewing membership.
  • Trial Period Override – Discounts the amount/percentage entered below, but only on the Trial Period of a recurring, auto-renewing membership. (Note the membership does not need to have a trial period in order for this to work. The benefit of using this setting over the First Payment Only option is that you can set the amount of days that the trial period should last, whereas the first payment can only be for the normal duration of the automatically recurring subscription.)

Usage Count: You can enter a maximum number of uses if you want to limit this offer to the first “X” amount of people to use the code, or if you have a code that you only want to give to one specific customer.

You can allow customers to use the coupon code on Subscription Upgrades or Downgrades by ticking that checkbox. 

If you wish you can specify a start date for the coupon by ticking the Schedule Coupon Start checkbox and entering the desired date. 

You can similarly schedule a coupon to Expire on a selected date at midnight after which it will no longer be valid. 

Finally, Select Which Memberships to Apply the Coupon to.

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