AA Podcast at SignalsAZ.com

Guy Roginson of SignalsAZ.com has worked alongside Our-Hometown, Inc. to develop a number of innovative tools and features geared towards digital expansion. Add another one to the list with Audio Articles Podcast! Guy was one of the early volunteers willing to try out our cutting-edge automated podcast feature, and the feature has since been fully implemented on the SignalsAZ website!

  • Select Articles published on the SignalsAZ website are automatically converted to audio files using Audio Articles, and then embedded on the Article page as a media player that the visitor can listen to instead of reading the article.
  • Audio Articles Podcast takes this a step further by automatically sending the audio file to BuzzSprout, who publishes the audio as a new Podcast episode and distributes it to all major podcast directories!
  • SignalsAZ embeds their Podcast Player in the sidebar of their homepage, allowing you to listen to all of the latest audio content in a single playlist.

TGM Podcast

Check out their Podcast!

We've embedded the SignalsAZ "TGM Podcast" player on this page so that you can listen to a few of their latest stories!

The podcast player is generated by BuzzSprout, but you can also find the latest episodes within your favorite Podcast Directory.


  • Automatically create a podcast for your readers!
  • Create episodes from selected articles on your website!
  • Uploads each episode to your BuzzSprout account automatically!
  • Distributes your podcast across all major platforms!

Sign up Now for a 30 Day Trial -- FREE!

The Premium Plan is Now Available for just $75/month per site!

• Includes two-million text characters transcribed to audio per month.

• $30 for each additional one-million characters transcribed to audio per month.

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