Advertiser Reports & SEO Keywords

Today we’re excited to announce Advertiser Reports and SEO Keywords.  These features were developed to help you easily convey information to your advertisers about their campaigns and automatically optimize advertiser profiles for search engines like Google

Advertiser ReportsAdReport

Advertiser Reports can be created by visiting the advertiser’s profile page. While logged in, click the “generate report” tab. Notice the address changes to a unique URL, which can be copied and sent to advertisers. The report also lists keywords from the past 60 days of search engine referrals. If an online reader uses Google to search for products or services in the area, we can track the keywords and phrases they used to find the digital profile. This is valuable market research that advertisers can use when developing future ad campaigns.

SEO Keywords for Advertisers

Display ad campaigns often change messages, leaving only the most recent ad’s text to be indexed by Google on the website. SEO Keywords for Advertisers allows past messages to be integrated into the meta data of your digital profile, making it easier for reader’s to find on Google. Several factors determine the keywords included on the profile:

  1. Word frequency in all display ad text, current and historical
  2. Click through rates of the ads that each word appeared in
  3. Past search engine referral phrases – i.e. How have readers find the profile in the past? Click here for an example of SEO Keywords for Advertisers
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