Complying with GDPR: Updating Your Website Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law in the European Union designed to protect the privacy of it’s citizens.
This is an evolving regulatory issue and we will continue to keep you updated on best practices for staying in compliance.

The first step we recommend is updating or creating a privacy policy page for your website.

This is a three step process:

1. Create a Privacy Policy

When logged into your site as an editor, go to dashboard > Pages > Add New.

Using the text editor, compose your privacy policy.
Feel free to copy and paste the Our Hometown Template Privacy Policy.
We recommend the final version of your privacy policy be reviewed and approved by your legal council.

Our Hometown Template Privacy Policy

2. Publish Privacy Policy Page

Click “Publish” to go live with your new privacy policy.
Once published, the page will be created but will not be accessible to readers.
The final step is to place a link to the privacy policy page in the footer menu on your website.

3. Place Link in Footer

Return to the front page of your website and click “Customize” in the upper right hand corner.

Select “Menus”.
This will bring up a list of the different menu areas on the site.
For example, you’ll see a “Main Menu”, “Secondary Menu”, “Mobile Menu”, etc.

Select the “Footer” area in order to place a link to the privacy policy page.

Pro Tip: In the preview window, you will see small pencil icons next to each menu area.
Click the pencil that appear next to the menu you would like to place the privacy policy.

Under the current list of menu items, select the “Add Items” button.
A new window will appear showing all the different types of content you can link the new button to.

Click “Pages” and select “Privacy Policy” from the options.

This will insert your newly created page at the bottom of the menu.
You can drag and drop the box to rearrange the order that each menu item will appear.

Click “Publish” to go live with the new menu link to your privacy policy page


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