Digital Newsletters for Subscribers

Send branded newsletters to your subscribers with the newest stories, events, and more using the Newsletter Plugin.

  • The included Drag & Drop Composer makes creating visually appealing newsletter e-mails from scratch a breeze.
  • Manage your subscribe list from your website's dashboard -- no third-party service required.
  • Create easy sign-up spots around the site - embed in stories, your sidebar, the footer or link to a special sign-up page.
  • Choose from manual or automated emails, schedule ahead of time, and keep track of who has received what emails.
  • Create multiple mailing lists and allow subscribers to select which ones interest them.

Newsletter Expansion is Available

Our standard plan includes up to 5,000 email addresses, or 25,000 emails sent per month, but you can upgrade to a higher tier.

Please contact us for more details.

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