Digital Revenue Opportunities on WordPress

Digital Revenue Opportunities

1. Digital Subscriptions
2. Web Advertising
3. Newsletter Sponsorship
4. Business Profiles
5. Event Calendar
6. Announcements

7. eCommerce
8. Photo Contests
9. Online Classifieds
10. Coupons & Daily Deals
11. Flipp
12. Native Advertising

1. Digital Subscriptions

  • Customizable paywall software

  • Integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and

  • Metered Paywall, Single issue sales, 24 hour access

  • At minimum, require registration

2. Web Advertising

  • Supports all IAB standard ad units

    • Place ads anywhere on the site
    • Single ad in multiple ad units
  • Print Display Ads

    • Repurpose your print ad graphics for display online
    • Control frequency & rotation
  • Integrated Business Directory

    • SEO-friendly advertiser profiles
    • Upsell featured advertiser spots
  • Mobile advertising

  • Supports Ad Networks

  • Easy metrics reporting

3. Newsletter Sponsorship

  • Schedule regular newsletters

  • Template automatically pulls headlines and
    teasers from different sections of new edition

  • Sell Banner Ad Sponsorship

  • Promote Digital Subscriptions

4. Business Directory

  • Upsell print advertisers

  • Package with online banner ad and newsletter

  • Grant advertiser access to modify profile, upload images, special deals

  • Example: Ponca City News

5. Event Calendar

  • Event submissions from readers (require approval)

  • Reverse publish to print

  • Offer Event Sponsorships tied to local business profiles

  • Example: Henrico Citizen

6. Announcements

  • Charge for birth, graduation, marriage, and obituary announcements

  • Automate the process of taking orders using web forms

  •  Allow users to submit announcements 24/7

7. eCommerce

  • Sell digital photos and prints through

    • Disable “right-click download” on site

  •  Partner with local businesses to sell products on site

    • Auction the work of local artists

    • Sell Gift Certificates

8. Photo Contests

  • User submitted photo contest

  •  Readers pay to vote

  • Winner gets free digital subscription to the website

  • “Pet of the Month”, “Best Vacation”, “Best Lake Photo”

9. Online Classifieds

  • Offers unique ability to couple with print

  • Free online ad with limited options

  • Upsell for add-ons (i.e. print display, photos, Run it til it sells)

10. Coupons and Daily Deals

  • Banner ad coupons can be presented to the business on reader’s phone

  • Incorporate into newsletter strategy

11. Flipp

  • Shopper Insert Widget

  • Provides content for readers to “clip” coupons

  • Flipp pays you based on reader engagement

  • Example: The Greenville Daily News

12. Native Advertising

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