Send an Email, Create an Article – “Email to Post”

Customizable Permissions

Control what emails are accepted into the system as article drafts. Prevent unauthorized articles & spam, while limited who you give site access to. 

Contributors can send articles without ever accessing the backend of the site.

Attach Images & Video

Attach images & videos to your emails which automatically become part of the story.

Get breaking news media up faster than you thought possible.

Minimal Training

Get people adding content quickly & easily to your new site.

Minimal training is required for current & future users, keeping your staff happy & fresh content coming in.

How Easy is it to Add Content to Your Site? It's as Easy as Sending an Email

Our Hometown’s prepress and digital content management system makes submitting content as easy as sending an email with “Email to Post”. Its latest system enhancement lets reporters, columnists and other contributors submit articles to a publication via email with no additional training or site login required. Editors then review and publish those stories, increasing overall newsroom efficiency.

Easy Submission & Publication

Emailed articles are sent to a special email address instead of an actual staff member, and if the sender is permitted to submit content, it appears as a draft article on-site. This feature is useful for reporters, site contributors and staff who contribute content, but don’t require site access. Publishers control who can submit articles via email, preventing unsolicited submissions.

Articles submitted by email always appear as a new draft in the system. An editor then prepares the articles for publication - they can set the story live on site immediately, or schedule for a future publishing time, and prepare for print via Our Hometown’s prepress system which integrates with Adobe InDesign. They can also add editorial comments, triggering an email notification to the author for suggested revisions.

Minimal Training Creates Efficient Newsrooms

“Email to Post” eliminates the need to train an entire newspaper staff on a new system, making it easy to get up and running quickly on the Our Hometown system. Training is focused on editors and other key employees who use the website often, instead of reporters in the field who may not have the time or patience to learn a completely new platform.

“The key to implementing a new CMS into any company’s current operation is to minimize risk by reducing disruption in the existing everyday processes,” explains Paul Kozma, president and CEO. “Instead of the 'all or nothing’ approach, we constantly look at stepping into the transition wherever possible, as can be done with ‘email to post’.”

Our Hometown’s entire platform looks to increase company efficiencies across different newspaper departments while remaining affordable for small to mid-sized papers. Bridge the gap between reporters, contributors, columnists and their editors with “Email to Post” - now available to all Our Hometown customers.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Matt Larson at for more details.

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