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    • iOS and Android App– Native App which works on all Apple and Android devices. Integrates with website paywall.
    • Google Docs Add-on "Publish to WordPress" – Google Docs add-on that gives you the ability to create content in Google Docs and publish directly to Wordpress.
    • Reverse Publish from WordPress to InDesign - Create your content on Wordpress, then export to your InDesign template for print layout.
    • Word to Wordpress Feed – Word add-on that gives you the ability to create content in Word and publish directly to Wordpress.
    • E-Commerce with Shopping Cart - Allows you to sell additional products and services to your readers (Books, calendars, directories, etc.).
    • Text to Audio Story Conversion - A Text-To-Speech feature allowing creation of audio files for individual articles or entire editions.
    • Event Ticketing System - A system allowing you to market local events on a calendar and sell tickets.
    • Other (Please explain below)
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