Flexible, Revenue-Earning Advertising Options for Print & Digital Ads

With a multitude of unique ad options, from basic banner ads, to site takeovers and slider ads, place your ads anywhere on site and never be boring again. Ads can be as targeted or as broad as you want - from sponsoring a specific story or gallery to showing on every story in a specific category.

Place Ads Anywhere on Site
Banner Ads can be placed just about anywhere you can imagine - via widget, shortcode, or article injection. Upload banner ads to the site, or embed ad network placements, like Google AdSense of DoubleClick. Create specific ads for mobile, tablet or desktop, or iOS or Android, and even specify which categories or pages ads should or shouldn't dynamically appear on. Ad placement has never been this easy!
Bulk Print Ad Upload
Upload your PDF print ads to your site in bulk - simply upload, process & display. Our Display (Print) Ads connect with your business directory, & are displayed in our Ad Marketplace page so your advertisers get added value and visibility to your readers online - not just in your print product. Even connect advertiser profiles or individual ads in our interactive e-edition. You just tag, search & assign the link via our web interface. No complicated instructions or antiquated software.  
Pop-up Ads, Site Takeovers, & Slider Ads
Concerned about ad fatigue by readers? We have ads that are impossible to miss. Pop-ups with a plethora of features, site takeover ads, & a featured placement ad in any slider are some of the other advanced ad options you'll have with Our Hometown.  Input ads into any newsletter for additional space. We have the features to make any advertiser happy. Show off these ad spots with your own internal advertising or set fallback placements on an ad network until you sell the spot.

IAB standard banner ads can be placed anywhere on the site via widget, shortcode, or content injection.  

Because the banner ad template is responsive, any ad of any size can be placed as a widget and the editorial content will adapt and flow around the ad.  Ads will resize based on device - no need to worry about a banner ad disappearing off the page on a mobile or tablet device.

The print ad upload has been a new favorite of our publishers.  The tool makes it easy to upload all your print ads for rotation on the website, and to quickly create a basic business directory profile.

The bulk upload option automatically pulls out the text from the ad graphic.  Phone number, email, and advertiser website are used to fill in the profile and you can go back and add additional information later.

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