Importing Emails to Google Workspace

An important part of switching to Google Workspace is importing your existing emails and archives so that you aren’t losing your e-mail history during the switch. Instructions for importing emails will vary depending whether Our-Hometown is helping with the migration or you’re doing it yourself. Both sets of instructions can be found below.

Our-Hometown Migration

For customers taking advantage of our offer to assist with email migrations, we will need email account passwords to import existing emails into Google Workspace.

If you’d like to send us a list of your passwords, create a copy of this Google Sheet, fill it out and share it with Please make sure to practice password security and only allow one member of your team to have access to all email passwords in order to provide them to our team.

Alternatively, we can create temporary passwords for all of your email accounts. We would then send you a sheet with the new passwords. During the migration process, you would need to log into your email accounts with the new temporary passwords. Once we finish migrating your email accounts, each user would then be able to change their passwords directly through Gmail.

Self Migration

If you will be importing your email accounts on your own, you can refer to the Google Documentation here for instructions:

Make sure to use the “Custom IMAP” settings and set the IMAP address to

Also, set the start date to well before when you started your email service with us.

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