Local FTP Backup

Many of our papers have migrated from Full Service PDF Extraction to our PrePress and Reverse Publishing Workflow, only available on WordPress.

I’m proud to announce that we just released “Local Backup”, which gives us the ability to automatically back up your website articles on a local FTP server.

This feature is available to any newspaper using Our Hometown’s PrePress publishing workflow.
Even in the event of a complete internet failure, you would still be able to access the local FTP server, which will contain a copy of all articles that have been saved to an edition.
We understand that you will stop it nothing to get the print edition out, and your readers expect no less. By using our WordPress platform for your PrePress operation, you gain the convenience of a centralized, cloud-based CMS, with a backup plan secured locally.

Once enabled, every new story that is saved with an edition date will be automatically sent via FTP to the local server provided.

In order to set this up, we just need you to fill in the form below with your local FTP hostname, username and password.
If you have any questions, please email or call us at 315-294-6932.

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