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  • Editor & Publisher – SmartClickConnect Keeps Readers on Your Site Longer

    Looking for a better way to connect with your readers online and have them stick around longer? Check out SmartClickConnect. Created by Our Hometown, Inc., the product hopes to tap into a reader’s natural curiosity to better engage with them. SmartClickConnect can be used on both Web and mobile news sites, and it automatically tags names, major topics, events and places in a news article.

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  • Editor&Publisher – Geo-coding the News

    Developed by Our Hometown, Inc., News Bayou aggregates news articles using the company’s Points Mentioned product. Launched early last year, Points Mentioned uses a simple algorithm to target locations mentioned in a paper’s online article.

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  • NetNewsCheck – Paywalls, Video Key at Some Smaller Papers

    In newspapers’ race for digital revenue, being small is no excuse not to run fast. Many community newspapers, typically dailies and weeklies running south of the 50,000-circulation mark, have been as aggressive in their pursuit of digital dollars as their much better resourced peers in larger markets.

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  • Editor&Publisher – Points Mentioned Adds Embedded Maps to Articles

    Want to know where breaking news is taking place in your neighborhood? Our Hometown, Inc., based in Clifton Springs, N.Y., has introduced Points Mentioned, a new product that will help newspapers target locations in their online stories. By using a simple algorithm, Points Mentioned zooms in on locations mentioned in an article — whether it’s the next city council meeting or a person’s place of birth in an obituary.

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  • StreetFight Mag – 7 Mapping Tools for Hyperlocal Publishers

    PointsMentioned is a tool that reporters can use to quickly create maps to go along with their online stories. PointsMentioned uses “natural language processing” to automatically identify addresses, cross-streets, and specific sites mentioned in articles, and then generates maps based on those geocoded locations.

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